Who Can Manage My Website?

Our Professional Web Management Team Can Work For You

We can manage it for you or train you to manage it in-house.

Management For Small Websites

Keeping Sites Up-To-Date

Too many small businesses create a website, get excited about it and then they loose their enthusiasm for it. There are a range of possibilities for updating your site regularly. Posting specials, introducing new products, education on your products sold and seasonal promotions are just a few reasons to make changes on your website. But, one of the primary reasons it to keep visitors coming back in anticipation of learning something new.

Adding Content

Over time, you probably want your business to grow. As it grows, so needs your website. You are probable increasing your goods and services available. Introduct them! If nothing else, tell the visitors how well your business is doing. This will generate talk and bring in more visitors.

Things That Need To Be Managed

Content Is The Primary Item

Replacing old content and creating new content are two of the primary items that need to be managed for your website. This needs to be done on a regular basis.

Website Traffic

It’s good to keep a check on your website’s standings in the search engines and to track the traffic your website sets. This includes SEO (search engine optimization) and web analytics (site traffic monitoring).

Back End Management

Someone needs to manage ‘the back end’ of your website. This includes renewal of your domain name, contracts for website hosting and email management, among other things.

Don’t Be At One Employee’s Mercy

There is nothing wrong with managing your website in-house. Just be carful not to be dependent on a single employee, especially one that you don’t have full confidence in. It will pay dividends to have more than one person trained and working on the site. The person in control of your web assets can do things on the web that can seriously damage your business.

Turn It Over To Professionals

Some businesses don’t have the luxuary of having employees that can manage their websites. That’s where we come in. We provide web management services to a range of small businesses. When they need updates to their website, all they have to do is contact us. We make modifications promptly.

Different Business Have Different Needs

“Do I make changes every day or a couple of times a year?”

A Jewelry Store

A jewely store focuses on seasons and events. Spring, summer, fall and winter all have different clothing styles. different clothing requires different jewelry. Christmas, Valentine’s Day and birthdays are examples of some of the events.

Website content changes need to be made on a regular basis to keep up with the short term.

For an example, visit Starnes Jewelers website.

A Home Builder

A small business building new homes is not going to have seasons or events. Instead, they will be creating new homes on a regular basis. When they do that they need to create content on their website that shows what they have done.

A home builder needs to post content enough to show visitors that they are active and knowledgable in their profession.

For an example, visit Huckabee Homes website.

A Small Trucking Business

While small trucking businesses need to generate business, one of the primary things they use their website for is hiring truck drivers. Depending on the growth of their market they may need to hire drivers monthly or less than once a year. Their website needs to focus on their credibility as an employer. Steady businesses with little turnover may not need to make changes more than once a year.

For an example, visit our KR Snead Trucking website.

We Can Manage Your Website For You Or You Can Manage It Yourself. We Are Always There To Help When You Need Us